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Pennant Round 12 – Saturday December 22nd

Colac 1 v Colac 2 at Colac – Green 3

Jai Whitson, G. Nelson, D. Donovan, G. McLaren (s)
E. Andres, A. Holt, J. Turner, G. Baudinette (s)
John Whitson, J. Finn, R. Dillon, H. McLaren (s)
G. Carmody, B. Paatsch, N.Codling, T. Hassett (s)

Change discs on bowls

Manager : G. Baudinette
Umpire :
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Colac 2 v Colac 1 at Colac

D. Daffy, A. Jones, B. Casey, M. Menzies (s)
G. McNabb, R. Hutchinson, N. Salmon, N. Paatsch (s)
P. McCarthy, H. Robbins, P. Thompson, T. Watson (s)
D. Mackay, M. Oates, W. Brady, T. Carr (s)

Manager : M. Oates
Umpire: T. Watson
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Colac 3 v Apollo Bay at Colac – Green 2

W. Boylan, D. Hutchinson, M. Hassett, P. Collihole (s)
E. Hay, T. Ryan, M. McCarthy, B. Cameron (s)
L. Matthews, P. Halliday, W. Winchcomb, P. Neale (s)
T. Jackson, G. Burrell, P. Rice, S. Bethune (s)

Manager : G. Burrell
Umpire :
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Colac 4 v Camperdown at Camperdown

M. Vesey, S. McAdam, M. Middleton, K. Weir (s)
D. Harty, W. VanEngelen, L. Rosevear, K. Ezard, (s)
J. Lang, Glenys McNabb, F. Luznik, P. Pekin (s)
G. Kerr, A. Edwards, F. Lynch, G. Turner (s)

Manager : M. Middleton
Umpire :
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Colac 5 v Lorne at Lorne

P. Maher, J. Edwards, D. Rice, G. Gourley (s)
L. Weir, L. Porter, M. Halliday, J. Mulheron (s)
M. Gill, N. Thompson, J. Middleton, C. MacCreadie (s)

Manager : L. Porter
Umpire :
Bus Driver : J. Middleton
Bus leaves at 10.45 am

Social Dinner on Saturday after bowls, food by food-a-rama and pizza, names on list by 4.00pm Thursday to assist with catering.