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Saturday Pennant Teams February 24th, 2018

Division 1 – Colac 1 v Central at Central

N. Salmon, A. Holt, R. Dillon, T. Hassett (s)
Jai Whitson, N. Codling, G. McLaren, W. Collihole (s)
M. Menzies, G. Nelson, P. Cole, J. Turner (s)
G. Carmody, John Whitson, A. McKay, H. McLaren (s)

Manager : M. Oates
Umpire :
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Division 1 – Colac 2 v City at Colac – Green 2

B. Cameron, D. Daffy, B. Casey, P. Collihole (s)
G. Kerr, A. Jones, T. Carr, T. Nelson (s)
L. Rich, P. McCarthy, J. Finn, T. Watson (s)
M. Charity, H. Robbins, R. Jackson, N. Paatsch (s)

Manager : T. Nelson
Umpire : T. Watson
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Division 2 – Colac 3 v Birregurra at Birregurra

P. Halliday, M. Hassett, M. Coates, W. Brady (s)
D. Mackay, G. McNabb, F. Lynch, B. Paatsch (s)
S. McAdam, P. Thompson, S. Bethune, R. Finn (s)
T. Jackson, G. Burrell, D. Donovan, P. Neale (s)

Manager : S. McAdam
Umpire :
Bus Driver : G. McNabb
Bus leaves at 11.45 am

Division 3 – Colac 4 v City 4 at Colac – Green 3

L. Matthews, J. Mulheron, K. Weir, W. Van Engelon (s)
S. Nelson, I. Sutherland, W. Winchcomb, D. Scott (s)
D. Harty, C. Newett, L. Rosevear, P. Pekin (s)
M. Middleton, F. Luznik, M. McCarthy, G. Brown (s)

Manager : M. Middleton
Umpire : D. Scott
Bus Driver :
Bus leaves at

Division 4 – Colac 5 v Cressy at Cressy

N. Thompson, L. Porter, K. Ezard, G. Turner (s)
M. Gill, M. Vesey, G. McKay, A. Edwards (s)
E. Riches, J. McCarthy, J. Lang, M. Melville(s)

Manager : L. Porter
Bus Driver : K. Ezard
Bus leaves at 12.15 pm

A Social Tea is being held after bowls on Saturday – Food supplied by Food-a-Rama – Cost $10 per head
To help with catering please put your name on the list on the notice board. All welcome